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The New Invite only CLUBHOUSE App.. what’s all the fuss?

Back in April 2020 two Californian guys, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth decided to create a new application called Clubhouse.

Credit: Businessinsider

In its simplest terms it is a live audio only platform to enable people to connect and share insights, experience, knowledge in a series of rooms. The rooms are typically started and moderated by experts to help the facilitation of a question-and-answer type forum.

So far there are an estimated 5 million downloads of the app, but frustratingly, you must apply to join the club and then await an invite from someone who is already a member. What is extremely clever about this, is that it immediately preyed upon FOMO.

In its early stages, many of the users were early celebrity adopters and some extremely well-respected entrepreneurs and business gurus. At the start of December 2020, it had just 3,500 members around the world, now it has over 600k*, and that crowd includes Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Drake and most recently an appearance from Elon Musk.

So what you ask? Since joining at the beginning of January I have visited loads of rooms, both large and small. I have been fortunate enough to hear insights from real experts in their fields, be that marketing, sales, real estate or e-commerce and they have added some real value to my thinking. This information being shared can be of real value and if you think about what it could cost to hear that in a conference, it could be £100’s or £1000’s.

This room I helped Moderate had over 500 people in it.

What are my positives?

  • I have learned some remarkably interesting insights and tactics for business ownership and management.

  • You follow other members and so far, you receive a reciprocal follow, which has extended my community beyond just LinkedIn or Facebook – and has also internationalised my connections.

  • The platform is about paying forward, so I have enjoyed helping with advice and some of my life experiences to audience members without the expectation of anything back.

  • I have run and moderated a couple of smaller rooms and you can really add value to someone else quite quickly.

What you need to watch out for?

  • Some of the rooms are now so large that although you may get some insights, it takes a long time for them to appear and the chances of being selected to ask a question becomes incredibly low.

  • It can be a time drain if you aren’t careful, but as its almost like listening to educational radio, having it on in the background can be an option.

Overall, I have taken more positives that negatives and by being present and helping, the chances are that opportunities to secure new customers can be taken, but mostly I am using it as a free teaching tool by finding the rooms and the experts that I think can solve my problem.

If you are on Clubhouse, please connect with me @b2bbizcoach

* Correct as of 10th February 2021.

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