• Ian Baker

Taking Leadership Development from Massification to Personalisation

"The world of leadership is evolving, and the role of managers and leaders is becoming increasingly more pressurised."

The courses of yester-year are no longer 100% fit for purpose, they often lack CONTEXT and fail to address habits and behaviours.

Our course moves leadership development into the 21st Century - we at Ian Baker Consultancy have pulled away from "Massification" to build Personalisation.

The needs of your business sits at the centre of everything we do.

  • Leadership Development is NOT a one-off event - delivering with a fanfare, suggesting that everything will soon be fixed, is a falacy. It allows people to assume they just have to listen for a few hours and then back to the day job.

  • Those procuring or supporting the Leadership development programmes, must be supportive - commitment is not just budget, but time and space for the benefits to be embedded into the business.

  • Development is continuous, not a stop-start event. New leaders should be constantly using the challenges faced daily to practice the skills and behaviours and seek the feedback for improvement.

  • The CONTEXT and the programmes relationship to the business is significantly more important than the models used.

  • Leadership requires Emotional Intelligence to be developed and understood, Leadership is not a test of intellect.

  • CO-CREATION is vital to the success within the organisation - being able to influence the programme and what it delivers will maximise the buy-in from the participants.

  • Finally, the WHOLE Leadership team must be committed, even if some individuals are not on the programme.

If our approach to Co-Creation with Context design to deliver MEASURABLE benefits to your business and ultimately your CUSTOMER, then we would love to jump on a discovery call and create a 21st Century programme for you and your organisation.

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