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Do you need a Coach, Mentor or Consultant – let’s talk Fish.

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

You need some help. You or your business (or probably both) just isn’t quite firing. You know it can, you know it needs to - but it’s not clicking.

But what help do you need? Lets talk fishing…

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Do you feel that you don’t know where the best fish are, what the right bait to use is or even which fish you should be catching?

Maybe you are too busy to fish, or maybe you just want someone to go and get you 20 fish.

What if you wanted to fish somewhere new? You need to speak to someone who knows the waters, what you can catch, the best times and the best bait – they would provide you with the benefit of their expertise to allow you to go and fish successfully. You need a consultant.

What if you were already fishing? But you feel you can do it better? Or there was a specific fish you wanted to hook that you just don’t feel you have the experience, skills or technique to land? You need a mentor. Someone that can sit on the bank with you who can use their experience to guide you, give you the skill and hold your hand as you learn and develop. You are still fishing, but you have an experienced pair of hands to help and guide you.

Sometimes when you are regularly fishing you want someone to talk about fish with. Someone to sense check your choice of bait, bounce different ideas off, “filter through” all the thoughts and feedback from the other fishers on the bank. A safe set of ears to moan too, when the fish are not biting and someone to talk to about where you can take your hobby over the coming years and beyond, and how you can do that. You need a coach.

We all need help from time to time, and that type of help will differ depending on what is going on – so think fish!

I help leaders and businesses solve the challenges they have. Sometimes that’s through coaching, sometimes that’s through consulting, and sometimes that’s through mentoring.

If you feel you need help, then let’s chat. If it’s not me, I’ll know someone that can help – but those fish don’t catch themselves.

(and I managed to avoid any tackle jokes).

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