• Ian Baker

What Businesses can learn from Tiger Woods?

Over the weekend I watched the 80+ field of professional golfers battle out to win the coveted Green Jacket and a prize of $1.9m. Most (not all) have no need for the money, but they are purely playing for the accolade to be named Masters Champion.

So, now you ask, why has this anything to do with business? To be successful, we all need to do a little planning and self reflection. Here are my thoughts:

1. Vision - when any of the professionals set out on their career, they have probably set out their vision to "play the game I love for the rest of my life and have financial security". What would be your vision as a business owner?

2. Goals - to achieve their Vision, they need to set some clear and achievable goals, so in their first year it might be to make 50% of the cuts in their tournament schedule and have 2 top 10 finishes. Years 2, 3 and beyond will be to grow on these goals and achieve greater successes. Have you defined the goals for your business?

3. Strategies - for any professional sports person, the strategy will revolve around perfecting their craft. Which will involve determining the right team, the right processes and the right tools to achieve those goals. Are you clear on your strategies to best deliver the goals you want?

4. Tactics - as professionals they will then work with the team, the tools and the processes to refine their skills - all of the professionals at the Masters this week will have come with a set of tactics to help win the tournament, but they won't have done that without external advice and research. They will have studies all the elements that can influence success and understood what needs to be part of their game to succeed.

In conclusion, if we take Tiger Woods as an example - 10 years ago he was unstoppable, but some injuries and poor decisions almost killed his career. But I would predict, that even in the darkest of times, his goal to be the "best golfer to have ever lived" remained unchanged, he needed to adjust his goals and his strategies to get back to success.

As a business owner, if you are either very successful, or struggling to achieve, your time is never wasted in reviewing Your Vision, Your Goals, Your Strategies and Your Tactics either with your team, your family or adviser.

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