Welcome to my 3 Day Sales Course  

·Are you new to selling your product or service?

·Unsure how to approach your new leads and convert them into paying customers?

·Are you trying to secure investment and finding it difficult to close the deal?


By following my FREE 3 day course, you will have by Day 4 a clear strategy for effective selling to your leads and some of the tools I have used successfully for years to turn enquiries into paying clients or investors.

How do I TRANSFORM your thinking?

Improving Your Mindset

• Learn how to think differently about your business and your goals

• Create a positive culture in yourself and those around you

Working the leads

• Learn the importance of listening and using questioning to gather the right intelligence

• Determine your customers true requirements

• Proven sales techniques for Phones, Video calls or face to face meetings or pitches.

Focus and planning

• Planing your time and that of your team to channel time and energy to maximise output

• Using the 80:20 rule

• Preparing for sales calls and meetings

Completing the deal and managing customers

• Increasing your close % and being efficient

• Using referrals to drive sales


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