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  • The pace of change and the volatility of the world today is making the management of workloads and communication between leaders, managers, employees and customers ever more challenging.

  • Company owners, leaders and managers that fail to acknowledge that good people are the most important asset in their organisation will fail in their ambitions to scale.



"As business owners, but not sales professionals, Ian was able to show us over an intense 2 days how to identify and work with new customers. His processes and understanding of the buyers mentality helped us grow in confidence with our sales calls."

Justin & Simon, Biotaware Ltd.

"Ian asked questions of myself and my business strategy and helped me to reformulate my plans and begin to feel what success could be"

Andrew, AVGO Biotech

The clarity that I have gained from Ian’s business coaching has been invaluable. I met Ian at a networking event and straight away I found him to be very easy to talk to with a genuine interest in my business. His ongoing guidance and support is superb and has helped me move my business forward.

Sunita, Wellness Expert


Over the last 30 years Ian has worked on some of the world’s most recognisable brands in retail, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals. Working in roles from product development to senior commercial and latterly board level positions, Ian has collated a wealth of experiences that he now uses to the benefit of his clients.

Using an expert blend of coaching, mentoring and consultation with business owners and leaders, Ian is able to help his clients identify the issues and create winning strategies and solutions as well as supporting the personal development of the most crucial element – the people!

Ian Baker Headshot - Executive Coaching to create lasting change

Working with Ian has he been hugely beneficial both personally and for the development of my business. Calm, intelligent, insightful he has an ability to get to the nub of the issue, that can only come from his extensive "real world" experience.

Paul Chapman

"The breakdown in any part of a businesses Eco-system can dramatically affect its productivity"

Leading a high performing business is not all plain sailing, with a seemingly endless barrage of information and the inevitable firefighting, leadership and management roles can seem overwhelming and lonely.

Our approach is designed to unpick the issues in three key areas:

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PEOPLE - we review the mindset and the dynamics at all levels. Good people are the glue that hold great businesses together and make them high performing.
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PROCESSES – methods and ways of working can often become outdated or no longer fit for purpose. High performing organisations review and adapt to both internal and external needs.
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SYSTEMS – we review the systems to identify if they are not only fit for purpose now, but can they support the business for the future.
"We reduce complexity and create the clarity to allow leaders to lead while people and profits flourish".


"I often went into our coaching sessions in a negative mindset, but his ability to listen and coach me into a more positive space was very much appreciated. He didn't skip a beat when it came to managing the goals".

David S, Senior Banking Executive

"It was very enlightening and has certainly helped me to reflect on my existing behaviors.  I will put your advice into practice in terms of building new, positive habits and cutting the bad ones. Looking forward to our future sessions"

Martin, Senior Project Manager


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